Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In loving memory...

This morning I looked through Google to see if I could find a picture or a quote which represented me in how I felt about “losing” my daughter. No, she didn’t die, but she walked away from me. She had her own reason, and I don’t know why.

Yes, I know I have frustrated her in the past couple of years, as I came out of hospital with my stroke keeping me down. I have “sort of” recovered in the past two years, but I know that my language is nowhere as good as it used to be. I can only talk now about something that winds me up, not my emotions.

But I can write. I have a lot of quote-pics on Reibus, which I hope that you have looked at. (If you have any quote that stirs you, let me know and I can picture it!) I have my own poetry. I have a second blog - not posted very much, I know, but I do it when a quote I found which is not attributed to the author really makes me indignant – especially if the quote means a lot to me.

And, of course, I have my first book which was published late last year and I did a presentation at the local library yesterday. My second book will shortly be published.

My writing can wind up my emotions, but only to the extent that when I write I can resolve. I resolve for me, not for anyone else. The presentation at the library yesterday proved that. I believe that any author, whether really successful or not, writes for themselves. They follow their own emotions. The group at the presentation were there with memories, which they shared with us based on what my book is about. Well done to this audience.

So, like I said further up, I went onto Google to look for a picture, and I found this quote:

            Those we love don’t go away
            They walk beside us every day
            Unseen, unheard, but always near
            So loved, so missed, so very dear

I had found “Anonymous” or “Unknown” on only a couple of pics, but most pics quoted the quote page where only their picture came from – such as all-greatquotes quoted in Quotes Gram, Gambar Club quoting a pic from and too many on Pininterest. I also found the Comfort Company with this wording, unnamed, on a stepping sympathy stone which they have been selling. I have no idea if they can do that legally! 

Many of the companies using this wording are obituaries, bereavements, in memory and similar grief, but there is nowhere I can find which says who originally said these words and why they were said.

My grief is not for death. It is for losing reality. I haven’t seen any explanation about this quote, but, for me, it’s very real about how I am now living. 

And correctly acknowledged with “Anonymous”.

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