Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Funny... or not

This morning I was Googling for a quote and found these - said, apparently, (as "quoted") by Abraham Lincoln. I laughed! I copied a few of these to put them on here. And then I stopped laughing.

Yes, I found them humorous - but I know that these were made up by quite a few people as a joke. Anyone who knows anything about Lincoln knows that the internet wasn't around him any time when he was alive. Do you know this? Oh, and he never had a mobile phone!

The trouble is, far too many people probably know nothing about this. Is Lincoln included in your history class at school? Have you read anything - true history - about him - at all? Abraham Lincoln has a lot of real quotes, which have been provided on the internet by real people who know this. I wondered, after I'd been laughing at these joke pics, how many quotes like this have been spread around by far too many people who will copy them - but will not ever realise that Lincoln (or many others) have never said the quote they've seen.

History is changing from reality to falsity, mendacity and duplicity far too quickly. People may believe what they've read, and unfortunately far too many people will never research that and find out the truth about it. I've read too many bullshit quotes from bullshit webpages and articles. I've seen (and occasionally started to read) bullshit books, FFS!

If you are a real person, don't just believe in what you see. There are a couple of good webpages - Snopes, Quote Investigator - who research. Check out what you're reading - and find out if it is real!

Thanks, Abraham Lincoln, for this very good quote. Now everyone who reads it should laugh, and understand that... I said it!

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