Monday, January 16, 2017

There's a kind of Hush

"There's a Kind of Hush" is a popular song written by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens which was a hit in 1967 for Herman's Hermits and again in 1976 for The Carpenters. 

Very recently I had been into the Google site to find the words from it. I remembered it from 1967, but it meant different to me than what the words said. I included three lines on my blog but I changed some words.

After that, I needed to have a look at some of the images of the Herman's Hermits, but I found some pics with no names on them!! How on earth could anyone do this to such a well known group from the start of the rock'n'roll audios? I found other names – Englebert Humperdinck, the Carpenters – but, to me, Herman's Hermits shone forth for this song.

Looking it up today, I found other singers/groups which believed they could make it important. Maybe they did, but, for me, Herman's Hermits definitely brought it into my head. Still, these are groups who sang it and who got the most hits.

1966 album Winchester Cathedral by Geoff Stephens' group the New Vaudeville Band
1966 by Gary and the Hornets, a teen/pre-teen male band from Franklin, Ohio whose version—entitled "A Kind of Hush" produced by Lou Reizner—became a regional success and showed signs of breaking nationally in January 1967
1967 Herman's Hermits – UK 7th and USA 4th
1976 Carpenters – USA 12th

This is a lovely song, but today I included it into another blog I wrote because that's where it came to me... a “debacle” at Centrelink. Somehow I don't think beneficiaries will remember “love”!

Those of you who put quotes out of this song onto an empty page – no singers – you need to take a lesson. THIS song was the hit for Herman's Hermits. THIS song had other singers. THIS song had writers who, these days, seem to be unknown.

Learn about this!
Herman's Hermits 1967